What Are Partial Dentures?

Prosthodontists have many treatments available to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your mouth. If you are missing teeth or if you wish to restore your natural teeth, a prosthodontist can address the function, comfort, appearance and health of your teeth. One of the options available to replace one or more missing teeth is a partial denture.

Patients who are missing teeth, and for whom the remaining teeth cannot accept a bridge due to severe decay or gum disease may consider partial dentures as a solution. As well, patients who lack sufficient bone to accept dental implants may seek information about partial dentures.

With partial dentures, different materials come together to replace not only missing teeth, but missing gum tissue. A cast metal base holds a pink-toned plastic gum tissue embedded with artificial teeth. The teeth can be made of resin or porcelain. The metal base holds the partial dentures in place and is essential to the rigidity and stability of the removable prosthesis.

A partial denture is designed to look as natural as possible. The pink-toned gum tissue base is designed to fit lightly on your gum tissue, and will need to be adjusted over time for comfort and health. Weight loss or gain or changes in diet and health can affect the fit of your partial denture.

Initially, you can expect a slight change in your ability to speak due to the extra bulk of the partial, but most patients find that this passes quickly. You should not wear your partial dentures to sleep. Remove them before sleeping, clean them, and give your mouth a chance to rest. Underlying gum tissue must reestablish optimal blood circulation to remain healthy.

Because plaque can accumulate on your partial denture and gum tissue, you should gently brush your gums and clean your partial denture daily with an appropriate cleanser and brush. Never leave your partials out to dry; they must be stored in water when you are not wearing them.

Talk to your dentist today if you have any questions about how a partial denture could help you with any concerns you have about your mouth.

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