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How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

A majority of people begin to grow wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 24. For some people, there are no complications, but in others the wisdom teeth never erupt. This can lead to swelling, gum ulcers and pain. If the wisdom tooth is impacted (stuck pressing up against another tooth) it can damage the other tooth or the jawbone. If you are one of the many people who have this problem, oral surgery to remove the wisdom teeth is recommended.

Because the word “surgery” can be a frightening one, you may feel anxious about proceeding, but with a little preparation you can go into your surgery feeling confident about the procedure and your recovery.

Timing is everything, and this applies to your oral surgery date. Allow yourself time to recover by scheduling your appointment on a Thursday or Friday so you can have the weekend to rest and recuperate.

Because you won’t want to leave the house during your recovery, be sure to go to the grocery store beforehand to stock up on soft foods such as yogurt, gelatin, cottage cheese, applesauce or pudding. Soups are good choices if they are served warm, not hot. Avoid foods that require a lot of chewing or that are crunchy.

Set up an area in your home where you can be restful. You won’t be sleeping the entire weekend, so get some movies, games and books to keep handy for entertainment. You might be in some discomfort in the days following your procedure, so it’s good to stay distracted.

You will need to have someone you trust to drive you to and from your dental appointment and to see that you get any prescriptions you require. Be sure to keep your medicine – antibiotics or painkillers – handy as you rest so you won’t have to get out of bed to find them. Wearing comfortable clothes to your appointment means that you can get right into bed when you get home.

Talk to your oral surgeon before your wisdom tooth surgery to see what other recommendations he or she has for you and your particular needs.

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