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Oral Health Tips for Seniors

Getting older impacts your whole life. Your body changes, including your mouth. Dental care is important for maintaining overall well being. Many seniors struggle with tooth loss and other dental health issues, like dry mouth or gum disease. Keep your teeth and gums healthy by remembering these helpful hints. Those individuals caring for aging parents or relatives can also benefit from the following tips:

• Make home care a priority. If you have trouble remembering to brush and floss, try posting little reminders in your bathroom near the sink. Caregivers can encourage this process as well.

• Choose a soft toothbrush. If the bristles are too hard, you can irritate gums and damage tissue.

• When you have dentures, clean them daily and use the special cleaners designed for this purpose, not just toothpaste.

• See the dentist twice a year. These appointments allow the doctor to check your teeth and gums for any problems. Depending on the state of your oral health, the dentist may suggest more frequent visits.

• Tell the dentist about any medications you are taking and any side effects that could affect your dental health. For example, some people experience dry mouth with certain medicines.

• Contact your dentist right away if you notice any unusual symptoms in your mouth. Letting issues like gum disease or tooth decay go can cause bigger problems in the long run.

• Maintain a healthy diet. What you eat influences your whole body health, including your teeth and gums.

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