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General Rules for Smile Makeovers

If you’re thinking of having your look transformed to give you a celebrity smile, a smile makeover may be in your future. Numerous procedures are possible for a variety of issues that might be making you unhappy or embarrassed about your smile. Before you get started on a makeover, learning the general rules about the process may help you decide if it’s the step you want to take.

First, every smile makeover is different for each patient. It depends on the tooth, jaw, or gum issues that you might have. It also depends on your goals for your smile. Some patients may have only one problem to address, while others have multiple flaws and are looking for a total transformation.

Some common things that smile makeovers take care of include crooked teeth, gaps, chips, discoloration, missing teeth, unappealing gums, and broken teeth. Types of procedures that are often performed during smile makeovers are teeth whitening, dental veneers, bonding, crowns, dental implants, bridges, gum contouring, and braces.

As you can see, the variety of treatments means there is also a variety of time frames involved. Some procedures can be completed in a single dental visit, while others may take months for full treatment. Many smile makeovers are done more quickly than you might think, with quick procedures creating a big difference in your appearance and confidence level. The recovery for most procedures is often fast, and discomfort is typically well-managed by medication and other methods.

The goal of smile makeovers is to permanently improve your smile so that you’ll be happier and feel better about your look. Most procedures provide permanent results, especially with good oral hygiene and regular checkups. So if you’re dissatisfied with your smile and considering a change, see your dentist to get started on a smile makeover now.

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