Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

The overall idea of cosmetic dentistry is enhancing a person’s appearance by creating a beautiful smile. Some people need only one or two improvements, and others benefit from a whole array of cosmetic dental procedures.

Let’s learn some facts about this branch of dentistry so you’ll know if it’s something you’d like to pursue.

Cosmetic dentistry involves treatments that fall into different categories in terms of oral health requirements, length of time the repair takes, financial responsibility and more. Every patient is different and your cosmetic dentist will evaluate your smile to help you decide on a treatment plan that best meets your needs and desires.

The most popular treatment performed by cosmetic dentists is teeth whitening. Numerous whitening products are available for home use such as toothpastes, gels and strips, but professional whitening administered in the dentist’s chair is the most effective. It gives you a bright new smile in only an hour.

Dental bonding is a cost-effective and fast solution for repairing minor dental flaws. A tooth-colored composite resin material is secured to a tooth to fill gaps, hide cracks, cover stains and more, and then shaped and polished to look great in your smile.

Crowns are used to restore a weakened or damaged tooth. When a large part of a tooth is removed due to advanced decay or a root canal procedure is performed, crowns are used during tooth repair. They are also often part of the process for dental implants or bridges.

Missing teeth can be permanently and attractively replaced with dental implants, a surgical procedure that places a titanium rod into the jawbone to replicate a tooth root and then covered with a crown.

Cosmetic dentists also provide orthodontics to straighten teeth and correct misalignment. The newest method used is called Invisalign, clear plastic aligners that gradually shift teeth without the hassles of traditional braces.

If a more drastic cosmetic improvement is desired, dental veneers may be the best choice. These thin porcelain shells are adhered to the fronts of teeth to hide many types of problems. A brand new smile is possible in just a few office visits.

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